Dental Specialists


Dr. Richard Madrid


Dr. Roberto Flores

Health Food

Health Food Store

Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids


Hyperbaric Medicine
Pure O2

Medical Laboratory

Baja Clinical Lab

Sonora Diagnostics


20/20 Vision Center

Algodones Optical

Baja Optical

Best Optical

Magic Optical

O&A Vision & Dental Center


Baja Pharmacy

One Stop Pharmacy

Physicians and Surgeons


Dra. Adriana Romo
Botox Cosmetic Treatment and PRP Therapy Dra. Adriana Romo

Family Practice & Geriatric Illnesses

Dr. Noé Zamudio

Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Sergio E. Dominguez

Dr. Jesus Famania

Surgery Center
Baja Surgery Center

Giostar Mexico

Veterinary Clinics

Safari Pet Pharmacy & Clinic
X-Ray Lab
Baja Medical Imaging

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