Dra. Elvia Hernández graduated from U.A.B.C. in Mexicali in 1995.

Dra. Elvia Hernández Bañuelos

Welcome to Elvia's Dental

Dra. Hernandez would like to thank her existing clients that found her in her new location in Plaza Maria Y Jose - The Shrimp Taco Plaza.

She invites you to enjoy her famous "gentle touch", her years of experience and her pleasant personality.

Visit me for the following dental services

Porcelain Crowns

Metal Crowns

Hard or Soft Relines

Metal Bridges

Composite Fillings

Fluoride Treatments

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain Crowns with No Metal
Metal & Ceramic Posts
Molloplast Dentures
Composite Fillings
Immediate Upper and Lower Dentures (Alveoplasty)
Teeth Whitening
Flexible Full Dentures
Traditional Partials
Cosmetic Dentistry
Repair to Dentures
Traditional Cleaning
Porcelain Veneers
White Fillings
General Oral Surgery
Flexible Partials



Deep Cleaning


Root Canals



Dra. Hernandez office is located on

Ave A between 2nd Street & 3rd Street

in Plaza Maria & José

Behind Lupita's Taco Stand


E-Mail : elviasdental@hotmail.com


Canada & USA

PH: (602) 774-4309


Mexico & International:

011 52-658-5173164



Please note:
We accept Dental /Health Insurance plans.
Please contact us for more information or inquire in our office.