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What Exactly Does the Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

1. Surgical placement of the implant(s) into the bone. This is usually done right in the dentist’s office, with a local anesthetic. After surgery, there is a healing period of approximately four months. During this time, the implants fuse to the bone by a process known as ‘osseointegration’

2. Next, there is a minor surgical exposure of the top of the implant, whereby the dentist will attach the post to the implant.  The function of the post is to become the support for either one tooth or a set of teeth. This is a short procedure that usually requires only local anesthesia. 

3. The last phase is the restorative phase.  The dentist will take impressions and then make a prosthesis that will attach to the implants.  This will require several visits.  Once completed, your mouth will be restored to natural looking, strong teeth.  

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